Tech integration in Literacy

Introduction -- Edutopia video


Aims Web - building reading fluency - $
Data Collection
iReady - reading comprehension and decoding
Nettrekker -
Scantron -
Three Ring -

Building Comprehension

Activities - interdependent tasks and activities
BLOOM’S TAXONOMY and Costa’s Levels of Questioning - visual
Flipped Classroom Guidelines/support - Why, what, and how
Story Telling - using video
iPads in the Classroom
Power my Learning through games - learning through games
Bubble Thinking and organizing

Classroom Library

Organizer - keeping your classroom library organized
TV vs Books - how to support student choice - article
Wake County Library
Article on Digital Books - why do we use or need to use digital books.


Blogging 101 - an article to support beginning bloggers
20 reasons to Blog - Teachers and students
Edublog - blogging platform
Edmodo Guide to Assist
7 ways to be a meeting/group participant
Padlet / Wallwisher - discussion, presentations
Podcast resources - audio visual sharing
5 ways to utlize Podcasting -
Tackk - visual presentation Ted Education Videos - video clips to teach with and learn from
Thinglink Mind Map via Free technology for teachers
Twitter - 25 ways to use it in the classroom - social media in the classroom
Virtual Field Trips via Edutopia
Voice Thread - audio discussions, presentations, or monologues
Where wonders of learners never cease - I wonder...

Independent Reading

iPads in the classroom - e readers
E-book readers - different types of e readers
Google Books
On-line Readers

Listen to Reading

iPads in the classroom
Tumble Books -

Paired Reading

iPads in the classroom
Sock Puppets - reading to each other, acting out a play, etc

Phonetic Awareness

Spell City - teacher or parent created word lists
Sight Words Power Point
Apps to Help struggling readers - work on decoding and phonemic awareness
Linked Text
Text Complexity - how difficult is the text?


Six Ts of Effective Elementary Literacy Instruction
Cafe - via Wcpss - live binder
Cafe Lesson via Teachem2think
Discovery Education - video and audio clips
Lucy Caulkins and Common Core
Guide to Writer's Workshop
Teachnet Lesson Plans
Guide to Google via FreeTech4Teachers
Sticky Notes - simple sticky note app to use when planning
Scratch - create and share interactive stories, games, music and art
Mind Mapping

Project Based Learning

Edutopia - What it is, how to incorporate, etc.
Tackk - visual presentation
Lesson Plans that embed science, social studies, geography, etc
Video Resources for PBL
Work that Matters - Teachers guide to PBL
What is PBL? How do I incorporate it in my classroom?

Reader's Theatre

Apps - Puppet Pals (1 and 2)
Creating QR codes - students could sahre out
Skype Readers Theatre
Skype in the Classroom
Screen Casting


online researcher - 4 steps as well as some additional links - search engine - research search engine
Let me Google that for you  - "actual google for people"
Gooru Learning - education learning
Skype in the classroom - Skype page to link you to other schools, people, etc to support using Skype in the classroom


Blog, Wiki, Docs - pros and cons to each type of site
Blogs - k-12 examples of blogs
Brainstorming tools - online visual prewriting story boards and templates to plan stories
Digital Storytelling - - record notes, capture websites, share photos, etc
Flyers, newsletters, brochures..- create online flyers, brochures and other documents
Kids Blog - online blogging for teachers and students
Padlet - Wallwisher - wall mapping for ....
Pixabay - visual images
Online story writing - create digital stories and books
Thing Link - making images interactive
Scratch - create and share stories
Story maker - create an online book
Write to Learn - Marzano - 5 phases of understanding in teaching students to write to learn