Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blended Learning

My conclusion is that we need to teach in a variety of learning ways.  Blended Learning, Project Based Learning, Flipped Classroom, integrating technology, etc.  We need to continue to grow as a teaching profession in the way we instruct, support, and what we expect from our students. Each of the mentioned philosophies, strategies, ideas have value and are important to reshaping the classroom.

My question to administrators, trainers, professional development designers is what do you start with as a teacher?  To me it begins with, what do you want the students to learn?  The ever basic objective.  This has been the staple of any lesson plan since the idea of lesson plans.  Prior to doing any of these learning methods, teachers and educators need to go back to "what do we want the students to learn from this activity.  Many times in my experiences this is what gets lost in the planning and teaching our students.