Friday, August 1, 2014

Morning News Program

We are very excited about our Morning News Show. In previous years we had a morning show that was a live broadcast with our fifth grade students that required a lot of prepping by adults prior to the viewing of the show.  As our equipment aged out and staffing changed we need to rethink how we did things and as the students said "make it more fun and exciting".  We moved to a prerecorded show that had many different segments, anchors/reporters, and added some more "fun" to our show.

Our Morning News Crew Leaders --

Jean Monroe and Emily Harkey have done a great job of providing students with the opportunities to create the morning news.

Created by Green Cloth and Screen
- Our morning news shows are compiled through iMovie using videos of recorded segments by the students and Mrs. Monroe.
Mac using iMovie

On site recording using iPads...We use three to rotate throughout the week.
at the lake
Meet Ms. Pakes
In Admin office

We use a computer as our teleprompter with all of our information stored into the Drive Account set up for the Morning News Crew.

Apps Needed:
Green Screen by Do Ink ($2.99)

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