Thursday, September 13, 2012

Integrating Technology into Teaching

Technology is a powerful tool in teaching, but are we using it to help students become better thinkers or to continue doing what we have always done?

As I think about this topic I go back to what do I want to do with the technology device?  Sometimes the answer is "I don't know", which sparks the rhetorical question, of what do I want to do....  As we continue, to educate in the 21st century, we need to look at what are the desired outcomes from the lessons that we teach our students.  There isn't always a finished product or a right answer.  Sometimes its the discussions, the thought provoking questions, the debate that ends with "we agree to disagree" not I am right because I talked louder and longer then the other person.

We need to continue to put technology devices in students hands.  With the iPadsKindle Fire, Samsung Tablets and other devices that provide students with access to informations, apps to support skills (lower level to higher level), and produce work.  How do you use technology to enhance students thinking and learning?