Friday, September 28, 2012

Race to the Top Module

We are in the process of completing the Race to the Top Module 2 for our state.  I have had the opportunity to facilitate two of these meetings.  The discussions were focused on the work of work of Tony Wagner Rigor Redefined.  He shares his research about the Seven Survival Skills students need in this every changing world.  We had great discussions on creating a classroom that has open discussion, teacher less as the keeper of information, but a provoker of questions.  We had great discussions on the type of classroom environment that asks questions, relies on student leaders and collaborators, that supports communication and sharing out.  I thought Dan Meyer speech hit the points home in a subject/skills that I have long forgotten.  He also discussed how he is being a change agent and not just a problem identifier.

I thought back of the time that I was a kid.  I went outside and seeked out solutions to problems and be free thinkers.  Weather it was: how fast do I need to run to jump over this puddle or what will happen if I run down this hill.  I also thought about how easy it is for me to come up with a game or something to do outside that didn't involve a handheld device.  We have become a society that wants someone to tell us what to do and how to it.  A society that wants the answer now (as mentioned in Dan Meyer's presentation) and we have lost the ability or the sense of freedom from trial and error.  As a fairly new parent (21 month old boy), I see a child that tries things out and sometimes is successful other times we have to use a boo boo bunny and wipe off the tears.  I continue to be a leader that encourages people to "try and see what happens" and follow up with, "what did you learn".

What type of classroom are you trying to create in your class, school, or district?